Mopar Sunroof Registry

For owners and enthusiasts of factory sunroof Mopars.

Dedicated to the Mopar cars that have a giant hole in the roof.

Whats new?

01/29/2021 – 1973 sunroof Road Runner for sale!!! Check the Cars for Sale section!!!

01/22/2021 – Added a new page that displays Corporate / Press Release / etc photos of sunroof cars.

01/15/2021 – 1973 Imperial sunroof cars have been updated on the sunroof cars page.

11/06/2020 – 1974 Plymouth B-Body sunroof cars have been added to the sunroof page.

10/31/2020 – Latest 1971 Plymouth B-Body sunroof cars list has been posted!

10/29/2020 – Gorgeous 1973 sunroof Plymouth SSP for sale soon! Scroll down to the blog!

Welcome to the Mopar Sunroof Registry. This site has been set up to be a one stop shop for everything sunroof. From brochure ads to technical service bulletins to production numbers to the registry itself, this site has been set up to assist those that own or just have an interest in the factory sunroof option. This site is far from done – keep checking back for additional content.

If you are a Mopar sunroof car owner, know someone who is, or have photographed a factory sunroof car at a show or in the wild – and would like to contribute to this site, please visit my Contact page.

Many thanks to many individuals that have helped me along the way with documentation, spotting cars, sharing info on known cars, and other misc stuff.
Barry W., Dan P., Jimmy B., Ola, Jeff S., Steve A., Kevin M., Tim W., Peter S.,
Jake B, Kori A., Ron P., John B., Chris G., Shawn B., Diego R., Brad M., William W., Sean M.,
Tan Top and more.