Super cool loaded 1969 sunroof Charger R/T SE in Bahama Yellow!

When it comes to 1969 sunroof Chargers, it doesn’t get much better than this one. The earliest information I have on this rare treat is from a friend (Lee) of the long time owner. Lee’s friend purchased the car around 1984 when he was in the military. I am not sure of the cars disposition through the 1980’s and early 1990’s, but about 10 years later, Ralph Barbagallo spotted it on the side of the road in Maine (Pictures of the car in red). He took a couple of photos of it and kept in touch with the owner through the years.

Sometime after Ralph spotted the car, the owner hired an individual to get rolling on restoring the car. Unfortunately, the owner did not have much luck with this individual. After many years went by, and little progress was made, the owner finally brought it home in its dismantled state. The long time owner decided he was going to do the car himself, along with the help of Lee. Some progress was made, but in the end, the owner decided to sell the car in late 2021.

This is where the Stevens brothers stepped in. The brothers also knew of the car as far back as the early 2000’s. When the car became available, they didn’t hesitate, and now it is in their hands to restore back to how it looked brand new. And what a stunner this car will be when done.

Not only is this car the high end R/T SE model, it is chocked full of goodies from the option list. In addition to the SE trim items, this car has power disc brakes, dual chrome mirrors, luggage rack, tachometer, speed control, power windows, AM 8-track radio, and the cool V21 hood performance paint. And to top it all off, the car comes wrapped in Bahama Yellow, which was a new special color introduced in the spring of 1969.

I will be checking out the restoration progress on this prized Charger at the Stevens Restoration Facebook page, found here:

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