Another 1970 sunroof Challenger surfaces outside of Omaha!

Jake Wuerfele has unearthed a really cool one, complete with barn dust! This Rallye Red Challenger is just a 318/Auto car, but it is loaded with cool options. So much so, that the option codes have spilled over onto a second fender tag! Some of the cooler options include: Rallye dash, power brakes, 6-way seat, dual mirrors, A/C, luggage rack, power windows, and AM-FM stereo radio. It will need a full restore, but in the end, it will be an incredibly cool car. Good luck Jake with your awesome find, and thanks for sharing it with us!

RARE 1972 sunroof Imperial 2-DrHT just surfaced for sale in Pennsylvania!

This 1972 sunroof Imperial 2-Door Hardtop is an HB1 Light Blue car with Black vinyl top, and the B5 Medium Blue interior. It still has its standard 440-4bbl engine mated to the 727 Automatic transmission. Only around 221 total 1972 sunroof Imperials were built, with only a couple dozen of the two-door models being produced – which this one is. Loaded with options, this car is fairly straight, but will need some TLC to get back on the road. To see the for sale ad – just head on over to the Cars For Sale page.

Gorgeous 1973 sunroof Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus up for sale soon.

This 1973 sunroof Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus is going up for sale just as soon as the museum releases the car back to the owner. Gorgeous GK6 Autumn Bronze with the Parchment color interior. The owner decided to forgo the full vinyl top and go with the cleaner look of a painted top. This car is loaded up with options, including power brakes, center console, extra chrome trim, and of course the sunroof. Follow the Facebook link and send Javier a message if you are interested.

Exec Lease/Public Relations loaded 1975 sunroof Duster Junkyard Find – For Sale!

Mopar fan Seth is always on the lookout for cool and interesting cars. He has so kindly passed along some of his sunroof Mopar finds over the years to the Mopar Sunroof Registry. This one in particular caught my eye because it is a loaded (or was loaded, haha) Executive Lease or Public Relations car, with its fender tags intact. That’s right, fender tags plural – that’s how loaded this car was.

This car was outfitted with the trusty 318 cubic inch engine, torqueflite automatic transmission, and decked out in B5 Blue, a white canopy vinyl top, white side stripes, and a black bucket seat interior from the factory. Before the vultures hit, it was loaded up with Power disc brakes, Center console, Heavy duty 65 amp alternator, Chrome driver’s remote mirror, A/C, Inside hood release, Rocker and wheel well bright mouldings, Cruise control, AM/FM radio, and of course, the manual sunroof. No doubt a stunner in its day, it now sits in a Missouri junkyard waiting for someone to realize its potential. Not for the faint of heart, this one will likely need a complete donor car to replace the rotted sheet metal, and a lot of the parts and pieces that have been plucked from this once cool car.

If you think you have the moxie and the mettle to bring this one back from the dead – it is for sale for $1500. The junkyard owners are happy to sell classics out of the yard if your interested in a restoration. The business name is Clay & Sons, and the address is 674 Wideman Road, Catiwissa MO. Phone numbers are – (636)-257-4669 or (314)-954-0815.

Large Barge last seen in Switzerland around 1999 – 1973 Sunroof Imperial

Georg from Germany sent me these photos. They were taken by Guy Linden out of Luxembourg back in 1999. This 1973 4-door sunroof Imperial was Burnished Red Metallic (GE7) with a White vinyl top and White interior. With it being around 26 years old in 1999, it looks like it has been taken care of pretty well, and should still be around today. Anyone spot this classic lately?

Factory Sunroof 1972 Challenger cruises SoCal with a major horsepower upgrade!



The latest 1972 Challenger addition to the Sunroof Registry hails from sunny southern California. The current owner, Jaime, acquired this beast around a year ago from a good friend of his, who had owned it for the previous 6 years. During that time, Jaime’s friend did a nut and bolt restoration on this car, and gave it a serious boost in horsepower. Originally a 318-2 barrel car, it now has a Hemi sitting between its fenders. Besides the engine upgrade and a black vinyl top, instead of the original white vinyl top, the remainder of the restoration put the car back close to its original appearance. The car has a great factory color combo, and some nice factory options too. The Hemi orange paint looks great along with the black interior.

Jaime doesn’t keep this car to himself. In the short time he has owned it, he has exercised it a bit and has been to several shows. He won 1st place in the muscle car class at the Marina Del Rey Killer Shrimp Killer Rides show, and took it out to the Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion last September. Congratulations Jaime on your killer ride, and I hope that you continue to exercise and share your ride with others in the coming years.



1973 sunroof Charger from the Movie: Satan’s School for Girls (1973)


Patrick H. Smith from PHS Collector Car World brought this car to my attention a few years back. He was doing an article on Lost Star Cars from the 60’s and 70’s and knew I had a penchant for sunroof cars. Patrick has got a lot of great car articles on his Blog which can be found at: If you’re looking for this particular article, just throw satan or sunroof in the search box.

Once I previewed the movie on YouTube, I was curious if I already had this car in the Sunroof Registry. I knew I had a light blue car in there, but I was wondering if it was a match. Here is my analysis on this particular movie car. The letters and numbers in parenthesis are the order codes for that particular option:

At 4:18 we have a light colored Charger with a white halo top (V1W) driving through the gate. I spot sill mouldings and dual exhaust. The dual exhaust limits the engine choices to the 340, 400-4bbl, and the 440. In this body style, the 340 and 440 would have been coupled with the Rallye package which has large side stripes. So the likely engine in this car is the 400-4bbl (E68). Later on you can tell the body paint is light blue (HB1).

At 4:27 we can see the medium blue (B5) bucket seat interior, and can kinda make out the upper door panel pattern. With help from seeing the full door panels at 8:59, we likely have the (H6B5) interior in this car.

At 4:38 you spot the fender mounted turn signal and an emblem on the left front of the hood. The fender mounted turn signals were only available in the light package (A01).

At 4:43 and 5:01, the driver turns the steering wheel, and you can tell its got the thicker spokes – so its not the padded 74 wheel and not the 73 coupe steering wheel.

At 4:46 you briefly spot the chrome vent outboard of the Charger emblem in the dash bezel, and the passenger side chrome racing mirror.

At 5:04 the camera pans back across the upper dash and you glimpse the two inner chrome vents in the dash bezel. So this car has A/C (H51).

From 5:22 to 5:39 you get to see a prolonged view of the driver’s side as the car pulls to the curb. You spot the sunroof (M52), road wheels (W23), drip rail mouldings (M21), sill mouldings (M25), wheel well trim (M26), upper door and quarter window trim (M31), Antenna – which means a radio of some type (Rxx), and the driver’s side chrome racing mirror. So with the passenger side mirror to match – that’s (G37). You also see the Charger emblem on the front edge of the door.

At 8:59 you get a decent shot of the driver’s side inner door panel – and what do I see – a bank of power window switches (P31). PWs were not available on the coupe.

So it looks like we have an HB1 Light Blue 1973 Charger Hardtop (WH23) with the 400-4, automatic transmission, and outfitted with the V1W Halo vinyl top, B5 Blue bucket interior, and a good array of options.

This was not a match to the light blue car I already had, so it is now a new addition!