Exec Lease/Public Relations loaded 1975 sunroof Duster Junkyard Find – For Sale!

Mopar fan Seth is always on the lookout for cool and interesting cars. He has so kindly passed along some of his sunroof Mopar finds over the years to the Mopar Sunroof Registry. This one in particular caught my eye because it is a loaded (or was loaded, haha) Executive Lease or Public Relations car, with its fender tags intact. That’s right, fender tags plural – that’s how loaded this car was.

This car was outfitted with the trusty 318 cubic inch engine, torqueflite automatic transmission, and decked out in B5 Blue, a white canopy vinyl top, white side stripes, and a black bucket seat interior from the factory. Before the vultures hit, it was loaded up with Power disc brakes, Center console, Heavy duty 65 amp alternator, Chrome driver’s remote mirror, A/C, Inside hood release, Rocker and wheel well bright mouldings, Cruise control, AM/FM radio, and of course, the manual sunroof. No doubt a stunner in its day, it now sits in a Missouri junkyard waiting for someone to realize its potential. Not for the faint of heart, this one will likely need a complete donor car to replace the rotted sheet metal, and a lot of the parts and pieces that have been plucked from this once cool car.

If you think you have the moxie and the mettle to bring this one back from the dead – it is for sale for $1500. The junkyard owners are happy to sell classics out of the yard if your interested in a restoration. The business name is Clay & Sons, and the address is 674 Wideman Road, Catiwissa MO. Phone numbers are – (636)-257-4669 or (314)-954-0815.

One thought on “Exec Lease/Public Relations loaded 1975 sunroof Duster Junkyard Find – For Sale!

  1. I owned the sunfire yellow 73 Imperial coupe with sunroof shown representing 73, for 32 years, 1979 to 2012! Bought for $3K , sold for 9K to Russ from Columbus Ohio,He sold about a year latter to chap in Israel. As far as I know it is still there! We all three belong to C Bodies Only for more info, Miss It!! Glenn Barnett,


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