Latest 1969 sunroof Charger Find!

The latest 1969 sunroof Charger find is an interesting one. A gentleman in Canada ran across this gem last week and did not ponder too long on laying down the cash to bring her home. This R6 Red, V1W White vinyl, C6R Red interior car came from the factory with the 383 2 barrel engine mated to an Automatic transmission. It is smartly optioned with the A04 Basic Group – which got you the Music Master AM Radio, Power Steering, Power Brakes, 3-speed Wipers, Deep Dish Wheel Covers, and the Remote Driver’s Side Mirror. The big option that this car has (other than the sunroof) is Power Windows, which was only optioned on around 5% of 1969 Chargers. The other interesting tid-bit on this car is that it just happens to be the latest scheduled 1969 sunroof Charger in the Mopar Sunroof Registry – being scheduled to run down the line in the second week in June. Hopefully we will see some additional pictures on this beauty as the new owner gets it back on the road.


Two for One Special on 1972 Satellite Sebring Pluses!

Photos by Terry Dodge, Jeff Fisk, and Tyler Hoodenpyle.

During the 1972 model year, the economy struggled and people were holding off on buying those big ticket items. As a result, production numbers were down a bit from the 1971 model year. Early power sunroof cars are a bit of a rarity, but compound that with tighter wallets, and sunroof sales were tight for the 1972 Plymouth B-bodies. Out of the approximately 6,800 Road Runners that were shipped to U.S. dealerships, only 34 were outfitted with the power slider. I haven’t found good sunroof production numbers for the 1972 Satellites yet, but best guesstimates put that number around 160 units.

So what are the chances of seeing a 1972 sunroof Satellite out in the wild these days? Pretty slim pickings at best. But in a city in southern Washington, their lives two very similarly optioned 1972 sunroof Satellite Sebring Pluses (SSPs). Both are loaded with options, and both were ordered with the highest power plant you could put in a Satellite – the 400-4bbl HP engine.

The first car is a stunning GY9 Tawny Gold car with a fender tag full of options. Power disc brakes, front and rear sway bars, center buddy seat, dual chrome racing mirrors, A/C, inside hood release, electronic ignition, and the uber expensive AM/FM cassette radio. This car racked up over 400,000 miles before the owners put it through a thorough restoration.

The second car is outfitted in gorgeous GB5 Blue with a white canopy top and blue interior. It also has a full fender tag, with many of the same options as the gold car. Differences include painted racing mirrors, center console, bright exhaust tips, and power windows!

So if you are ever at a car show in the Pacific Northwest, keep an eye out for these uber rare sunroof cars. Wouldn’t it be great to see these beauties at a show side by side?


1969 Charger SE available on Kijiji

Here is another opportunity – out of Canada, but your pockets are going to have to be a little deeper than the last one! 1969 Charger SE with R/T badging. Originally a 383 auto car, now it has a 440. SE package of goodies. Currently listed on Kijiji out of Ontario asking 59K. Some of the factory options on this car include Power brakes, Center console, A/C, AM Radio, and the Light Package.

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Awesome A Body sunroof Opportunity

I have a great sunroof opportunity for someone. Loaded 2-tag 74 sunroof Duster – first 2-tag A Body that I have ever seen. This one has some damage in the rear end – so it will take some skill to restore. But what an awesome car it would be when done. Someone please find a home for this one! Here is the owners description:
1974 Plymouth Duster…I really hate to part it out, so I will try to sell it complete for now. 318 2bbl, 904 automatic, bucket seats, console, power steering, power disk brakes, a/c, cruise control, tuff steering wheel, am/fm radio, with rear speaker, manual sliding sunroof. This is the first two fender tag A body that I have ever seen. Would like to see someone love it enough to put it back on the road.
Car was rear ended pretty hard over 10 years ago and has been sitting since. It runs and drives (out of a gas jug). Has had some usual rust repair in rear quarters…not that it matters now. Car is very clean and solid otherwise. To build it, it needs rear springs, quarters, taillight panel, and probably rear rails. Trunk floor isn’t bad. It is a worthwhile project, but I don’t have time for it.
Shows around 73,000 miles which are believed to be original. Interior is pretty good, but not perfect. Dash pad is better than most, but is cracked on the outer corners. AM/FM radio works as it should (very rare option). Sunroof opens and closes perfectly. Before you laugh at my asking price, add up the value of the parts…some nearly impossible to find. $2,650.00. I do have most parts available to repair it for an extra charge. Has a clear title. Located in North Central Wyoming.
If interested, email Dwain at:


Super affordable manual sunroof car for sale in AZ for just $4500! – Car has sold!

If you ever wanted a manual sunroof B-Body – here is your car. The owner Carl is parting with this nicely optioned 1973 Satellite Sebring Plus with a factory big block and awesome color combo! He describes it as such:

1 of about 1500 produced with sunroof. Big block 400 2 BBL (now a 4 BBL) slapstick auto trans, roadrunner trim package, tuff wheel. Was originally from Calif. Factory FY1 yellow car with black vinyl top and white interior.
Needs paint and body due to minor rust –  needs vinyl top and interior due to AZ sun. Aftermarket stereo mounted in a homemade cassette deck mount on console. Also have build sheet and original window sticker. Sorry no PayPal. No trades and buyer pays shipping. Reasonable offers may be considered. Car has fender tag and build sheet. Car is in Humboldt, AZ.

Carl can be contacted through Facebook at this link:

Or you can go to the 1973-1974 Plymouth Roadrunners & Satellites Facebook page directly and scroll down until you find Carl’s car. Good luck Carl!







Steven Juliano’s 1970 Hemi Sunroof Challenger up for Auction at Mecum Indy in May.

Steven Juliano had an incredible collection of cars and memorabilia, and his passing last year was a major blow to the hobby. From the Rapid Transit cars to the Hemi sunroof cars to the unending memorabilia, you hate to see such a collection broken up. Steven never claimed ownership of his vast collection, he knew that he was just the custodian until his time was up. Hopefully, the cars and art in his collection find new and worthy custodians.


Picture from Mopar Action Magazine.

Uber Restored 1970 sunroof Charger R/T SE Crossing the Block on Friday at Mecum


This 1970 R/T SE sunroof car was restored by Magnum Auto Restorations out of Illinois using top notch materials and many NOS parts. This unique car comes in a very interesting color combo and is loaded with options – so much so – it is a two tag car. I was lucky enough to see it in person when it was revealed at the 2016 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago. Interesting options include the Light Package, the A36 Performance Axle Package, A/C, Hood Pins, Luggage Rack, Tach, Speed Control, Power Windows, and an AM/FM radio. This car goes across the Mecum Auction block on Friday the 11th of January.


Autumn Bronze 1971 GTX surfaces in the Hemmings Classifieds

Whoa Nelly! Out of the blue pops up one of only 32 sunroof GTX’s for 1971 back in November. I was so busy with my basement construction and preparing for our Christmas vacation that I completely missed it. It was only when I was perusing the various Mopar forums that I ran across a thread on it. This car is now the 10th known of the 32 sunroof GTX’s, and its the first one known to be built at the Los Angeles Assembly plant. GTX’s were known to be highly optioned cars, and this one does not disappoint. So much so that it’s a two tag car, just barely by one option. It’s an Automatic car loaded with Power brakes, Center console, 6-way driver’s seat, Driver’s remote racing mirror, A/C, Hood pins, Drip rail/Sill/Belt mouldings, Luggage rack, Speed control, Power windows, AM/FM Stereo, Hood performance striping, and Standard white side stripe. This car also codes out with the Y14 code – which means that someone ordered this one up like they wanted it. If anyone knows where this car ended up, please let me know!


1970 Sunroof Challenger shines at MCACN


Another MCACN is in the books – and another of Alan Gallant’s restorations made it to the show. Alan just finished up this FJ5 Sublime 1970 sunroof Challenger in time to make the big show in Chicago. This California car was garaged and dismantled very early in its life, so the sheet metal was nearly perfect. It was a matter of collecting up all the parts and getting everything refinished to perfection. Gorgeous car that was optioned out with the 440 big block, 6 way drivers seat, A/C, sport hood and hood pins, bright exhaust tips, tach, speed control, power windows, and the AM/FM stereo radio. Photos by Alan, Brad Miles, and Nicklas Larsson.






It’s Been a Crazy Summer!

Holy cow where did summer go? It’s been 3 months since my last post and several new 1969 Chargers have been added to the registry. I have just barely had time to catalog them – and have not had time to update the 1969 Charger list. I will quickly post them here in the blog and hope that I have time in the next couple of weeks to get the list updated. Here we go:

This 1969 Charger R/T has spent most of its life over in Norway. It’s a U.S built car, but jumped the pond around 1977.


This dark red R/T SE was a pleasant surprise when the owner contacted the registry. I had a digital copy of the buildsheet for this car – but until he contacted me – I did not know that the car still existed. As you can see, it is very nearly finished.


Another R/T SE has recently come to light. It’s been in/around the family for a long time and has just recently been pulled out of hibernation.  The family has a full restoration planned to start in 2019 for this gorgeous T5 Copper car. Here is a sneak peek pic:


I really cringe when I hear the term “barn find”, because it has just been totally used and abused the last several years. But this car does fit the term better than most. It’s been locked away for a long time, and the owner has finally decided to part with it. This F8 Green Charger SE is in really good shape, which will make the restoration a bit easier.


Another sunroof car owner bought a subscription to a newspaper archive service, and has unearthed several original ads for 1969 sunroof Chargers. He has passed them along to me to add to the registry – and one even has the VIN number in the ad. I do not know if any of these cars still exist. None of the ads have matched existing registry cars.

june ad