1969 Charger SE available on Kijiji

Here is another opportunity – out of Canada, but your pockets are going to have to be a little deeper than the last one! 1969 Charger SE with R/T badging. Originally a 383 auto car, now it has a 440. SE package of goodies. Currently listed on Kijiji out of Ontario asking 59K. Some of the factory options on this car include Power brakes, Center console, A/C, AM Radio, and the Light Package.

$_59 (2)$_59 (3)$_59 (5)$_59 (6)$_59 (8)$_59

5 thoughts on “1969 Charger SE available on Kijiji

  1. Hello,Erwin here,I just joined the Hole in the Roof Mopar circle,I have 70 Charger, can any please share any onfo on reproduction parts for The 70 Charger R/T sunroof option Thanks in advance.


      1. Thanks,I figured as much ,Considering the low production,not profitable enough I only need the interior trim ,The rest is all there.


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