Latest 1969 sunroof Charger Find!

The latest 1969 sunroof Charger find is an interesting one. A gentleman in Canada ran across this gem last week and did not ponder too long on laying down the cash to bring her home. This R6 Red, V1W White vinyl, C6R Red interior car came from the factory with the 383 2 barrel engine mated to an Automatic transmission. It is smartly optioned with the A04 Basic Group – which got you the Music Master AM Radio, Power Steering, Power Brakes, 3-speed Wipers, Deep Dish Wheel Covers, and the Remote Driver’s Side Mirror. The big option that this car has (other than the sunroof) is Power Windows, which was only optioned on around 5% of 1969 Chargers. The other interesting tid-bit on this car is that it just happens to be the latest scheduled 1969 sunroof Charger in the Mopar Sunroof Registry – being scheduled to run down the line in the second week in June. Hopefully we will see some additional pictures on this beauty as the new owner gets it back on the road.


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