1973 sunroof Charger from the Movie: Satan’s School for Girls (1973)


Patrick H. Smith from PHS Collector Car World brought this car to my attention a few years back. He was doing an article on Lost Star Cars from the 60’s and 70’s and knew I had a penchant for sunroof cars. Patrick has got a lot of great car articles on his Blog which can be found at: http://phscollectorcarworld.blogspot.com/search?view=magazine If you’re looking for this particular article, just throw satan or sunroof in the search box.

Once I previewed the movie on YouTube, I was curious if I already had this car in the Sunroof Registry. I knew I had a light blue car in there, but I was wondering if it was a match. Here is my analysis on this particular movie car. The letters and numbers in parenthesis are the order codes for that particular option:

At 4:18 we have a light colored Charger with a white halo top (V1W) driving through the gate. I spot sill mouldings and dual exhaust. The dual exhaust limits the engine choices to the 340, 400-4bbl, and the 440. In this body style, the 340 and 440 would have been coupled with the Rallye package which has large side stripes. So the likely engine in this car is the 400-4bbl (E68). Later on you can tell the body paint is light blue (HB1).

At 4:27 we can see the medium blue (B5) bucket seat interior, and can kinda make out the upper door panel pattern. With help from seeing the full door panels at 8:59, we likely have the (H6B5) interior in this car.

At 4:38 you spot the fender mounted turn signal and an emblem on the left front of the hood. The fender mounted turn signals were only available in the light package (A01).

At 4:43 and 5:01, the driver turns the steering wheel, and you can tell its got the thicker spokes – so its not the padded 74 wheel and not the 73 coupe steering wheel.

At 4:46 you briefly spot the chrome vent outboard of the Charger emblem in the dash bezel, and the passenger side chrome racing mirror.

At 5:04 the camera pans back across the upper dash and you glimpse the two inner chrome vents in the dash bezel. So this car has A/C (H51).

From 5:22 to 5:39 you get to see a prolonged view of the driver’s side as the car pulls to the curb. You spot the sunroof (M52), road wheels (W23), drip rail mouldings (M21), sill mouldings (M25), wheel well trim (M26), upper door and quarter window trim (M31), Antenna – which means a radio of some type (Rxx), and the driver’s side chrome racing mirror. So with the passenger side mirror to match – that’s (G37). You also see the Charger emblem on the front edge of the door.

At 8:59 you get a decent shot of the driver’s side inner door panel – and what do I see – a bank of power window switches (P31). PWs were not available on the coupe.

So it looks like we have an HB1 Light Blue 1973 Charger Hardtop (WH23) with the 400-4, automatic transmission, and outfitted with the V1W Halo vinyl top, B5 Blue bucket interior, and a good array of options.

This was not a match to the light blue car I already had, so it is now a new addition!




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