Recent Sunroof Find


Another post from the 1969-1975 sunroof mopars Facebook page. This car is a recent restoration and a very rare ride – 1969 sunroof R/T SE Charger – 1 of approx 29 made. It is a very highly optioned car – so much so – that it has a 2nd fender tag to finish off the option list. This car finds its home in Canada, and hopefully the owner will get it out to some car shows in the future.

4 thoughts on “Recent Sunroof Find

  1. That sure looks like my dads old sunroof car. His had rear shoulder belts, cruise, PW, 6way, ac, tan int, column shift. vin ended in 424. The outside of the car is optioned just like his. Car color, Rack, stripe and top color are the same.


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