Autumn Bronze 1971 GTX surfaces in the Hemmings Classifieds

Whoa Nelly! Out of the blue pops up one of only 32 sunroof GTX’s for 1971 back in November. I was so busy with my basement construction and preparing for our Christmas vacation that I completely missed it. It was only when I was perusing the various Mopar forums that I ran across a thread on it. This car is now the 10th known of the 32 sunroof GTX’s, and its the first one known to be built at the Los Angeles Assembly plant. GTX’s were known to be highly optioned cars, and this one does not disappoint. So much so that it’s a two tag car, just barely by one option. It’s an Automatic car loaded with Power brakes, Center console, 6-way driver’s seat, Driver’s remote racing mirror, A/C, Hood pins, Drip rail/Sill/Belt mouldings, Luggage rack, Speed control, Power windows, AM/FM Stereo, Hood performance striping, and Standard white side stripe. This car also codes out with the Y14 code – which means that someone ordered this one up like they wanted it. If anyone knows where this car ended up, please let me know!


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