1972 Duster 340


In 1971 and 1972, the A – Bodies got a slightly different sunroof setup than the B, C, and E – Bodies. It was a manual operated canvas slider that actually provided that “open air” experience for the passengers in the rear seat also.  I am just getting into documenting the early A – Body sunroof cars – and have only run across 3 Dusters and 3 Demons so far. I will start delving into the A – Body forums soon to try and uncover more of these cars. The owner of this ride just contacted the sunroof registry.

2 thoughts on “1972 Duster 340

  1. I just picked this car up in nova scotia for parts and realized someone had filled in a large hole in the roof. Upon further inspection noticed what looked like tracks on the underside of the roof., hidden under a later cardboard headliner. Never knew a bodys came with a sunroof til i found this site to confirm. Not sure what to do with it now . JS29H1B 1971 340 4 speed ev2 orange car


    1. Ryan, thanks for contacting the registry. Yes, a 1971 sunroof Duster is an incredibly rare car – but rarity alone does not drive value – the demand part needs to be there too. Not a ton of demand for these early A Body sunroof cars. But if you are patient, I am sure you could find a buyer at a very reasonable price if that is what you want to do. I would love to add the car to the registry if possible. There are so very few registered. If you could please send some pics and the data tag info to the registry email, it would be greatly appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to zap me an email if you have any more questions on these early sunroof cars. Thanks in advance, and good luck with whatever you decide to do with the car. Scott.


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