Sunroof cars at Midwest Mopars in the Park 2018.

My buddy Jeremy and I made the 9 hour trek out to Farmington Minnesota for Midwest Mopars this year. I had made it out the previous year with the family, and was impressed with the show. Unfortunately, rain put a damper on the car turn out on Saturday, but Sunday looked better. However, Jeremy and I had to truck back to western South Dakota early on Sunday. Regardless, I was pleased to see a couple of factory sunroof cars, and got to talk to the owners of the 1970 Challenger. I was not able to catch the owner of the Triple Black 1974 Charger. Between seeing these cars, catching a Twins game, devouring a helmet nacho, and scoring some great parts at the swap meet, I would consider it a successful adventure.

2 thoughts on “Sunroof cars at Midwest Mopars in the Park 2018.

  1. Hi ,i have a 1974 charger rallye,with factory 440,and manual operation sunroof (factory),apparently a rarw care with the 440 and sunroof in 74,,,question i have is did dodge ever make a factory his and hers sunroof charger??i recently saw one and was told its factory


    1. Hi Kam. Yes a 74 Charger with a 440 and sunroof is a very rare car. I am not aware of a his and hers sunroof charger. Do you have any pictures of the cars or did the owners have any documentation to go with the cars? Thanks!


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