It’s Been a Crazy Summer!

Holy cow where did summer go? It’s been 3 months since my last post and several new 1969 Chargers have been added to the registry. I have just barely had time to catalog them – and have not had time to update the 1969 Charger list. I will quickly post them here in the blog and hope that I have time in the next couple of weeks to get the list updated. Here we go:

This 1969 Charger R/T has spent most of its life over in Norway. It’s a U.S built car, but jumped the pond around 1977.


This dark red R/T SE was a pleasant surprise when the owner contacted the registry. I had a digital copy of the buildsheet for this car – but until he contacted me – I did not know that the car still existed. As you can see, it is very nearly finished.


Another R/T SE has recently come to light. It’s been in/around the family for a long time and has just recently been pulled out of hibernation.  The family has a full restoration planned to start in 2019 for this gorgeous T5 Copper car. Here is a sneak peek pic:


I really cringe when I hear the term “barn find”, because it has just been totally used and abused the last several years. But this car does fit the term better than most. It’s been locked away for a long time, and the owner has finally decided to part with it. This F8 Green Charger SE is in really good shape, which will make the restoration a bit easier.


Another sunroof car owner bought a subscription to a newspaper archive service, and has unearthed several original ads for 1969 sunroof Chargers. He has passed them along to me to add to the registry – and one even has the VIN number in the ad. I do not know if any of these cars still exist. None of the ads have matched existing registry cars.

june ad




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